Thursday, March 1, 2018

Would you like to annotate function with UniProt's annotation systems?

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One of the core activities at UniProt is to develop computational methods for the functional annotation of protein sequences. UniProt has developed two prediction systems, UniRule and the Statistical Automatic Annotation System (SAAS) to automatically annotate the unreviewed records in UniProtKB/TrEMBL with high coverage and a high degree of accuracy.

These prediction systems can annotate protein properties such as protein names, function, catalytic activity, pathway membership, and subcellular location, along with sequence-specific information, such as the positions of post-translational modifications and active sites.

As a result of discussions with researchers and genome sequencing centres interested in functional annotation, we plan to make our annotation rules publicly available for download. We would like to engage with users in the development of a standardised format for sharing these annotation rules, to help you use the rules for functional annotation of your own data.

Apply the UniProt rules on your own proteins

We also plan to provide a standalone tool to execute the UniProt annotation rules and enrich your own data with high-quality annotations. We invite user feedback towards the provision of such a tool for functional annotation of coding sequences.

By providing input data such as the protein sequences, taxonomy data and InterProScan signatures, along with the rules, a rule engine will be able to reason on the rules to infer new protein annotations.

Get involved

Would you like to try out the UniProt rules to annotate your own data? Would you like an early peek at the systems, formats and functionality we plan to make available and provide valuable feedback? Are you interested in integrating the UniProt rules (UniRule and SAAS) in your annotation pipeline? We would love to have your feedback and give you the opportunity to beta-test our latest developments.

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