Tuesday, September 27, 2016

New and improved publications view in UniProtKB!

UniProt Knowledgebase protein entries are a treasure trove of knowledge mined from the most relevant publications. Entries provide not only a quick evidence tag for statements based on publications but also a list of all publications used for curating an entry. In addition to this, entries  used to have a link to computationally mapped publications for an expanded list of publications if you are looking to review as many relevant papers to your protein as possible.

Now presenting a new and improved view of publications! From being a section within the Entry document, publications now have their own tab within the entries (see snapshot above). When you land on a UniProtKB entry, you can see some alternative view options under 'Display' on the left hand side including the 'Publications' view. This expanded space now allows us to provide all relevant publications in one integrated view, the ones used by UniProtKB for curating the entry as well as additional relevant publications that have been computationally mapped.

Filters on the left hand side allow you to quickly narrow down the list to just the UniProtKB reviewed or the computationally mapped ones. You can also filter the publications based on the category of data that they have been cited for/ mapped for. So you can quickly find reviewed and mapped publications for the type of category you're interested in (such as Function, Sequencing, and Structure). Additionally, you can filter to see publications tagged as being from large-scale or small-scale experiments.

You can switch back to the main Entry using the link under the Display section again, or explore the other alternative views of the Feature viewer and the Feature table.

We hope you enjoy this new feature. If you have any questions or feedback for us, write to us on help@uniprot.org.

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