Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Have you tried our new Beta UniProtJAPI?

A new Beta version of the UniProtJAPI is now available! It aims to improve several issues encountered by the current version such as frequent library updates, retrieval speeds and server availability. We invite you to try the Beta JAPI and share your feedback via a short survey so we can provide the best service for your needs.

Please try the Beta UniProtJAPI for your tasks at and then fill out this short 5 minute survey:

Here are some examples of tasks you could try on the JAPI (or simply use your own tasks):

  1. Create a UniProt, UniRef and UniParc service, and use each of these to find out the number of entries in the release.
  2. Retrieve entries containing keywords “Kinase” or “Amyloidosis”.
  3. Retrieve entries that have been updated in the last six months, and then filter only those that are reviewed (Swiss-Prot).
  4. Given the PFAM signature “PM00228”, find the associated reviewed (Swiss-Prot) and non-reviewed (TrEMBL) entries.

We hope you will find our new JAPI useful!

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